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Attract and retain more physicians with online services.

(Because making it easier for physicians and patients to work with you will grow your business.)

Retain more physicians and improve your marketing potential by offering online software direct from your company website.


Find out how easy it is to use by requesting a demo.

Gotanga gives you the freedom to: 

  • Enroll patients online for a variety of services
  • Share reports with physicians, like holter, arrhythmia and blood test results
  • Automatic synchronization between Gotanga and your systems
  • Invite new physicians and manage physician groups easily

Easily link Gotanga to your website. Physicians can start using it right away.  Give your physicians the convenience to view reports, enrollments, and activity from one familiar spot.

We have found that technicians, marketing, sales and customer service staff use Gotanga as a way to communicate with physicians.  And physicians find it simple and easy to use.

Single spot for patient reports.


Want to improve physician loyalty? Provide an invaluable user experience from your website. Give physicians access to patient reports and enrollments regardless of how many systems and databases you have. It's secure and we follow HIPAA and privacy regulations.

  • Do you have physicians with multiple offices?
  • Do you have physicians stored in multiple systems, like holter and arrhythmia?
  • Worried about replacing holter or arrhythmia systems and how that will affect your physicians?

With Gotanga's Providers Online software, they won't see the complexities of your business.  That's the advantage of having a website that brings your information to one spot.  It's easier for physicians and your staff.

Ever find manual data entry is a pain?

Ever find you are manually dumping data into Excel spreadsheets, just to manually enter it into another program? Does the Billing department enter patient events from monitoring services into a billing system by hand?

There is a better wayOur synchronization product works with a variety of holter, arrhythmia, EMR, accounting, and other systems. This can reduce your manual effort, improve accuracy, and increase the effectiveness of your staff.

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