Our Story - Gotanga Software

First we recognized a need.

(Then we put our heads together and found a way to help improve health care.)


Alleviating the pain of managing healthcare information from anywhere wasn't easy.

We do this with great people (and state of the art technology). It took skill, sweat and tears to make the complex appear simple. Health care is complex but working within it should be easier than it is.

Our team aims to: 

  • Improve the way your services are delivered to your customers and partners
  • Provide solutions that are priced based on the size of your organization (not one size fits all)
  • Hide the headaches of managing technology, upgrades, and security
  • Continuously meet our customer’s evolving needs

 … and ultimately do our part to improve the health care system by making you more efficient and able to provide better service to your customers.

Without this vision we risk our customers abandoning us.

We are interested in hearing about your situation.  Maybe we can help!


A better way.

Simply, we believe in a better way, for transformative change in healthcare, and empowering your company with information and tools to take preventive and timely action.  We improve decision management within your organization. And help your staff communicate and collaborate effectively and efficiently with customers and partners.

Your business tools should be flexible to industry changes as they evolve in these fast moving times. Your business isn't fixed and is constantly changing. Your tools should flex with you.

Software that just fits.

We believe your success is linked to your unique community of customers and partners. Here's why our approach is better:

  • We make more than software - we help you grow and retain customers and partners.
  • We help you manage your information and share it with the people you want.
  • We offer pre-built, ready to use software.
  • Our software is flexible to meet your needs.